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  Well done on your confessions.   07/02  
  Love the diary. Paula 13/02  
  A regular E. Thomson 14/02  
  Well done on your confessions. E          07/02  
Hi Helena. I live in Strasbourg, in France. I'm currently studying for a degree in sociology and am working on a dissertation about people's private diaries on the web. I'd be happy if you fancied writing to me. I think it needs a lot of courage to tell your life story like you're doing and also a fair amount of talent as a writer to get other people interested in reading it. You definitely ought to carry on, because you're talented at it, and I'd recommend that you read (if you haven't already done so) the confessions of the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I'm sure that his sensitivity and his romantic side would appeal to you.
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